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Our Services

  • Our Italian showroom offers a bi-annual selection of 300 bags geared for the major markets: Italy, France, UK, Spain, Germany, USA.   You can come to our showroom, sit down with our design and sales staff , select and work the products to fit your needs. All the rest  will be followed by us: Prototypes, Salesman Samples & Production. You can forget all issues related to product development and use your resources to grow your business.


  • If you just need a supplier to develop your own design, you can send us your private design, we will protect your copyright, make samples, quote and ship to you.


  • For qualified Customers, we offer possibility to order a Private Collection from MTC Bags Europe: if you’re a strong brand looking for cutting edge partnership, our  fashion driven Italian design and powerful factory will give you the winning advantage you’re looking for.

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